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World War Kaan
I've been an avid ttrpg fan for 26 years. I immigrated to Canada to pursue a living in storytelling ended with the graphic novel Games of Existentia: Trenches under my name and shot a short film based on the graphic novel, which promptly got lost in post-production hell. It still hurts when I think about it. My fascination with building universes and telling great stories in them and prevalence of transmedia in our times resulted in my eureka moment, "What if I could get my audience to become active and meaningful participants in the stories I created via tabletop roleplaying games?" Since then I've been developing the tabletop roleplaying game Games of Existentia: Seeds of Insidiae based on my graphic novel, Games of Existentia: Trenches. My dream is to create universes that'll enable my audiences to actively and meaningfully tell their own stories within them without conflicting with its canon.